This is a fun board game (you will need dice) for Bachillerato. I wouldn’t recommend it for lower levels.questions-in-reported-speech-board-game.jpgReported speech is difficult even in your native tongue. I recommend mastering teaching yourself before attempting to teach the class because there are some exceptions to the rule and tricky little tricksies. This table from the Cambridge Dictionary is a good start.

Backshift changes



present simple

past simple

present continuous

past continuous

present perfect simple

past perfect simple

present perfect continuous

past perfect continuous

past simple

past perfect simple

past continuous

past perfect continuous

future (will)

future-in-the-past (would)

past perfect

past perfect (no change)

The past perfect does not shift back; it stays the same:

Direct speech

Indirect speech

He asked: ‘Had the girls already left?’

He asked if the girls had already left.

*Before debating some differences in spoken English and what the actual rules are, I recommend consulting an official source.*